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Meet Trase Barney

Trase Barney

Trase Barney

Chief Executive Officer


Trase is an enthusiastic leader with an extensive background in growing and operating national healthcare organizations. He has led the growth and development of over 250 clinics nationwide in Urgent Care, Ophthalmology and Autism care. He has a strong knowledge for effective growth strategies and scalable processes and is expert in maintaining budgets, timelines, and cost saving initiatives. Recognized throughout his career for leveraging in-depth knowledge of healthcare management, business solutions, and national growth to significantly increase revenue and operational efficiencies. Trase graduated from Arizona State University in business.
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Fun Fact

Trase and his wife regularly organize events for local charities in Phoenix, and enjoy giving back to the community.

Favorite Food

Trase favorite food is tikki masala.


Trase is a father of eight, and they are all boys (except for six of them which are girls).