What is Primary Care?

Primary care addresses both acute and long-term health needs to reduce your risk of chronic diseases and other health problems that would decrease your quality of life. Our clinics provide comprehensive primary care for patients of all ages that focuses on enhancing overall health and wellness.
Patient speaking to doctor

Why It's Important

Regularly visiting a primary care provider can lower your risk of various diseases and increase your quality of life. Our primary care providers are specially trained to treat and prevent various conditions in children and adults. Keep reading to see how we can best serve you.

Our Primary Care Services

We offer the following services to help improve your physical, mental, and emotional health.
Our providers are available for in-person visits and virtual consultations thanks to our advanced telehealth platform.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

During your first visit, you will discuss your personal and family health histories, any symptoms you have, and any questions or concerns with a primary care provider. We will also discuss factors affecting your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

After conducting a comprehensive physical and doing preliminary lab work, you and your provider will go over treatment plans for any acute illnesses and chronic diseases you might be suffering from. We will also schedule follow-up appointments as needed.

Contact a HealthyU Clinic Near You

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