Optimal Health in the Internet Era

Some of the most sound advice I’ve heard in my medical career was how the role of physicians has changed in the information age of the internet. Twenty years ago, doctors were information keepers. Patient’s could not find and look up information regarding their symptoms and treatment of ailments at their fingertips. Instead, patients had to rely on their doctors. Taking this pill and calling me in the morning works for an infection. But unfortunately, this mantra does not work well for a lifestyle change.

In today’s world, information is vast, and answers are a click away. But, unfortunately, knowledge can make things harder, not easier. Today, physicians decipher information for patients. What diets and exercise regimens work? What is the ideal way to promote restful sleep? You may have an excellent idea, but does it work for you? For comparison, unless you know your way around a car, you likely will not know how to fix your AC if it goes out. But you could look it up, buy the required parts, and figure it out. Yet, changing our health is much different than getting your car serviced.

Medicine is not a one-size-fits and requires ongoing change. Patients are complex, often with multiple health problems. Unique cultural norms are part of what makes us humans human. I have met devout vegans and carnivores, and both swear their diets are the best. A competitive marathon runner and Olympic weight lifter rarely see eye to eye on the best way to achieve peak performance. For only you know your body. I am here to help you optimize your health.

Physicians have standards of care, but this is the floor, not the ceiling, of patient care and exceptional service. On the Internet, you will see many medications, equipment, practices, and services focused on lifestyle. Ask yourself if you are looking to make sustainable habits. Is the information coming from a reliable source? Does it work for you and your family? If it is going to be extremely challenging to add a new exercise routine to your already busy schedule, maybe we will table that discussion for a later date. Besides, did you know, on average, 90 percent of weight loss comes from dietary change and only 10 percent from exercise? So what change can you make today? 

Try not to be overwhelmed in making choices for your health. We are here to find the best treatments for you together. We lay all the cards on the table and cut out all the noise.

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By: Alexander Dydyk, DO
Director of Pain Medicine