How to Choose a Diet that Works for You

Diets only work if they work for you. There is no one size fits all.

If you like intermittent fasting, try intermittent fasting

If you like small meals and snacks six times a day. Give that a try.

If you like low carb, high protein in the Atkins and South Beach Diet style. Great!

Have a sweet tooth; better make room for dessert.

The only diet that does not work is the see-food diet. The diet consists of when you see food, and you eat it.

Generally speaking, diets work the same way—negative calorie balance. By taking in fewer calories than your body needs, you draw energy from your energy stores in the form of body fat.

Do this day after day. You begin to lose weight.

The more restrictive you are, the faster you will lose weight.

However, the changes you make should be sustainable. Unfortunately, 85-95% of people who lose weight regain the weight. This is because diets only work when you are dieting.

Do not go down the road of low-carb diets, if you long for pizza. Do not start the Mediterranean diet when you do not like fish.

Losing weight and keeping it off requires a lifestyle change—a conscious effort. Make changes to your diet that work for you.

If you find it easy to fast till 1 in the afternoon, do it. Try and make sure you are not sluggish all morning, and do not binge when it is time to eat.

Find what works for you. We are here to help you with that. Our medically assisted weight loss program at HealthyU Clinics is tailored to your needs. We not only want to help you lose weight but keep it off.

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By: Alexander Dydyk, DO
Director of Pain Medicine, Weight Loss and Wellness