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Women's Health: Why Women Shouldn't Ignore Soreness, Genital Bumps, or Itches

Jun 08, 2023
Women's Health: Why Women Shouldn't Ignore Soreness, Genital Bumps, or Itches
With the intrusions that menstrual symptoms often impose, it may be tempting to pass over issues like genital soreness, bumps, or itches as part of being a woman. Given the complexity of your reproductive system, these changes shouldn’t be ignored.

Little health issues change from day to day, so it may be easy to push things like mild genital soreness, bumps, or itching from your mind, expecting the problem to fade away. The menstrual cycle often gets the blame but it’s not always the culprit. 

As primary care providers, the team at HealthyU Clinics can help to pinpoint the origin of your symptoms, whether related to menstruation or not. Visit us at our nearest location to get started on relief today. 

Pelvic soreness

Aches and pains in the pelvis and genital area always suggest a connection to your menstrual cycle, since so many aches and pains do trace back to the process. It’s easy to dismiss a new sensation as a “one off” situation. However, there’s plenty going on in the pelvis and not all of it starts with the genitals or reproductive system. 

Pain originating in the pelvic floor is common. The muscles of the pelvic floor take a beating from pregnancy and childbirth, so you could have aches and pains related to stretched tissue including muscles and ligaments that don’t hold pelvic organs as tightly as they once did. 

Endometriosis is another source of pelvic aches and pains. Resulting from uterine lining tissue growing outside the uterus, endometriosis causes discomfort that follows the menstrual cycle as the misplaced tissue continues to respond to your body’s hormones. Infections of the urinary tract and vulva can cause pain, as can sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

Genital bumps

Small bumpy growths in and on your genitals are common and most aren’t cause for concern. There are some bumps related to infections that need medical care, and of course any suspicion of skin cancer should be investigated with our doctors. 

Angiomas and cysts are common and usually no cause for concern. Angiomas develop from tiny blood vessels and cysts usually form in hair follicles. Genital warts and mollusca result from sexually transmitted infections. Some warts could be associated with forms of the human papillomavirus (HPV) that could lead to cervical cancer in the years ahead. 

Vaginal itching

Once again, infections are a common cause behind vaginal and vulvar itching. Yeast infections, vaginosis, and STIs can cause itching, as can something as minor as changing soaps or laundry detergents. Women approaching menopause could react to hormone level changes. You can become itchy from skin conditions like psoriasis or as a complication of diseases including diabetes. 

Chances are that the reasons behind your pelvic complaints are minor and no cause for concern, but the rare instances are serious enough that it’s smart to run everything by your doctor. HealthyU Clinics have 10 locations in Arizona so we’re close to you. Call 602-491-0703 to request an appointment or book online through the link on this page. Plan your visit today.